As a licensed professional counselor, my interest in psychotherapy is rooted in the questions of how we make meaning in our lives and the ways in which we strive for connection and human solvency.

I believe we are all innately driven toward health and wholeness. I believe that we all have good reasons for the choices we make, the feelings experienced, and the beliefs held. I believe that our bodies hold the wisdom and the memories that inform our choices. And, I believe that challenging the status quo is the seed for something new to grow. With that in mind, I am both humbled and honored to partner with my clients on their personal journeys.


My ultimate view of health and wellness is that we all have an Essential Self that knows and understands exactly what we need and is a vast resource of grounding and support. Connecting the intellect of body, mind and soul is the ambition of this Essential Self.

Psychotherapy is one method for accessing the Essential Self. Psychotherapy is the conscious exploration of our habits, patterns, stories, and distractions. When these barriers to the Essential Self are uncovered and addressed, change happens easily and naturally.


I find that change is more likely to occur when an individual’s innate wisdom is the foundation of the therapeutic exchange. I offer tools for self-awareness and methods for making changes. While I am focused in the here and now, I also believe the past plays a significant role on the present. Psychotherapy is, therefore, a dynamic process of focusing in the present while being informed by the past and by the goals of the future.

My approach is warm and genuine. My intention is to interact with compassion, clarity, and humor. My style is to collaborate with you in an active, honest, and direct manner. Through listening and lively exchange, we will explore your experience and heighten your awareness.

I recognize that some conditions are neurobiological and/or physical in nature. Therefore, I am able and willing to communicate with psychiatrists and physicians and will assess and refer when medication or medical consultation is indicated. My medical knowledge allows me to partner with you to understand the scope and use of medications as a part of your overall health needs.


I have a private practice in Boulder, Colorado where I provide individual counseling/psychotherapy as well as patient advocacy services. I specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, eating problems, addictions, and serious illnesses. I am licensed by the State of Colorado as a Professional Counselor (LPC) and have been a registered nurse (RN) for 30 years. I also have case management and program management experience.

I am trained in the traditional Western psychological theories with background in Eastern and transpersonal theory. I have experience with cognitive and motivational theories in addition to addictions and family systems theory. I have specialized training in Gestalt, group leadership, and EMDR.

I have worked as a psychiatric nurse in inpatient and outpatient settings and, therefore, have significant experience and education so as to understand the major mental illnesses including medication needs and protocols. My scope of experience and 20 years in the psychotherapy field allow me to address a wide range of personal problems.

If you have questions and would like to talk by phone or get together, please feel free to contact me. No strings attached.

Jackie Bay