It is hard to even shape the words, much less believe that an eating disorder has taken over your life. How could food, or lack of food, have so much power? How did this happen? So many times of deciding, "I am not going to do this again." So many times of saying, "I don’t need this." So many times of believing, "I am in control." Only to have it continue.

The eating disorder is in control, and ...

It is a burden

It is care less

It is demanding

It is persistent

It is seductive
   and, strong.

   It is defeating
   It is exhausting

It is life threatening.

And, it is not your true self.

Therein, lies the hope. The eating disorder is not your Essential Self. The eating disorder is your call to your Self. It is your chance to rediscover your inherent health, your truths, yours rights, and your responsibilities.

The eating disorder is your doorway. It is the opportunity to simplify your life, to re-member what you have forgotten, to find your mastery, and to rest your soul.


In addressing the symptoms, in addressing the eating disorder, you will be saving your own life.

The only life you have.

It is a vital decision.

It is a decision that takes bravery.

You are not alone.

There is help.

But, only you can open the door.

Whether you suffer from a traditionally defined eating disorder or suffer from a particular type of eating problem, it can affect your every day, your every minute, your every thought, your every action.

Life does not have to be this way. Choosing to get help is a choice toward truly nourishing yourself.


The following is a brief list of the many different types of eating and body image problems that exist.

Binge eating (Compulsive Overeating)
Compulsive Exercising (Obligatory Exercise)
Diabetic bulimia (Diabulimia)
Weight preoccupation (Obsessive thinking)
Body dysmorphic disorder (Overfocus on an area)
Body image disturbance (Generalized - full body)
Orthorexia ("Clean" or Health Food Obsession)
Muscle dysmorphia (Physique Perfection)
Nighttime Eating Syndrome (NES)
Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder
Recurrent binge eating in relation to:
   post gastric bypass surgery (bariatric surgery)
   Lap-Band or gastric band usage


There are many approaches toward the care and treatment of eating and body image problems. I have found that the single most curative factor is the relationship between the client and their therapist. In a nutshell, the therapy experience will involve education, insight, and new experiences in how to relate. As a therapist I will provide the necessary guidance and relational environment for you to learn new behaviors, perspective, and internal strength.

Together, we will discover how you have incorporated the eating disorder into your life and how it has served to help you cope with your life. We will address places where growth got sidetracked and the eating problems took over to soothe the inevitable discomforts of living. Your therapy will become a grounding place for you to explore new thought patterns, new emotional maturity, and a new relational finese.

I have heard many clients say that "all the understanding in the world did not change my eating behaviors." While understanding is vital for true change to occur, the eating behaviors must also be challenged. Addressing the actual behaviors can be scariest part.

Contained within the behavior is the protection that the eating disorder offers. It’s OK. We will go gently and respectfully. We will move at a pace with which you are comfortable. We will explore together to find a new relationship with food, weight, exercise and/or appearance.

If therapy did not work before it is not a failure. The tenacity of the eating disorder can be very strong. Change happens in stages and chances are that the previous therapy probably did have some impact. You may have more readiness now than you did then.

Maybe you did not like therapy before, but now you have more knowledge of how you want your therapy experience to go. You, therefore can be more directive about what does and does not work for you now.

It can also happen that a particular therapist may not have been the best match for you at that point in time. Now you may experience it differently.

Many of the previous factors may be different now and the partial solutions that you achieved before are ready for completion now.

In any event, the challenge to find new pathways for healthful living keep knocking at your door. Doing it alone is not working. Take off the mask of the eating problems and free yourself. You do not have to live this way.

Eating Disorders - No Guilt
No guilt, no shame, no judgement.
Let’s just move forward from today.
There is hope. You can feel better.
Call and let’s see what is possible.


If you are a family member or friend or concerned professional related to a person with eating problems, it can be quite concerning and confusing. Most people do not know what to say or what action to take. If this is the case with you, I am available for consultation. If your loved one is already in therapy and you need support, from a person who understands the disorder and can give you salient direction, I am also available to help you find your way through this experience. Please, feel free to call.

Jackie Bay