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Assessment, Counseling & Advocacy
Organize and Summarize Medical Records
On-site Care Coordination & Management
Home Management Systems
Gather Information and Research
Facilitate Communication
Healthcare Support, Education and Problem Resolution

Ever been told you are in need of a medical procedure and wondered what to do next? Lost valuable time preparing for a procedure and later realized that just coordinating the details had already put you behind in your everyday activities or work load? Felt confused or lost after speaking with your physician? Spent your valuable time going to a consult only to repeat information that could have been relayed in one phone call between providers?

These are common scenarios in today’s healthcare arenas. The burden of responsibility is on the patient to advocate for their time, financial, emotional and educational needs. Who would have ever thought you would have to walk into a healthcare situation with a working knowledge about what questions to ask, what you might need to anticipate, what to prepare for in “out of pocket” costs, what agencies you will need to contact before you can begin?

A professional patient advocate or care manager can walk you through the steps toward a successful outcome with the least amount of frustration possible. A professional care manager coordinates the many details involved with making a process run smoothly especially during a time of heightened stress. They often become the hub of information and helpful in problem-solving and finding solutions to patient and family needs. Employing a professional patient advocate can save time and money and allow for a smoother experience during an already difficult time.

Health is of vital importance to all of us. When medical care is needed, coordinating the details can be overwhelming. Whether the coordination of care involves a hospital admisson, managing records, home management or mental health needs, having a professional versed in “medical speak” who understands the ins and outs of medical systems can be such a relief.

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I combine 30 years experience as a registered nurse involved in health care systems with a masters degree in counseling psychology. I am a licensed professional counselor and have been providing counseling for over 20 years. My experience includes case management, individual and family counseling. I understand the needs of the patient, their family and the healthcare systems.

Jackie Bay