...because life is not so easy.

Life is a moving target, never static and always in flux. It can sweep you up on its ride without your permission and without apology. It can let you down soft. It can let you down hard. Life has its own momentum.

Because of its everchanging nature, life requires flexibility agility and resilience. It requires you to be able to change with it. Without the ability to absorb the bumps in the road, life will undoubtedly wear you out. It will make you vulnerable to emotional, social, or physical burn out.

Some life transitions are imposed from the outside. A major life change such as death, a divorce, a job loss, a debilitating illness, or a traumatic event can cause you to pause and question your beliefs.

Other life transitions originate from within. You may wake up one day and question whether or not this is the type of life you want to be living. You may find yourself re-evaluating your life goals, your morals, your ethics, your faith. In any event, adjusting to the required changes are part of life’s challenge.

Regardless of what life has tossed your way, you may spiral into an emotional whirlwind. You may find yourself angry or grief-struck, anxious or depressed. Sudden or debilitating changes can cause you to feel paralyzed and helpless.

It is often these unexpected life changes that call each of us to our selves. They can be a time for re-evaluating priorities, redefining a sense of purpose or identity, and forging new approaches.

You may consider talking to a neutral party when dealing with the emotional reactions associated with a life transition. It may serve you to confide in a professional who is not personally invested in you feeling a certain way or making a particular decision. Therapy can help you re-organize your priorities and redirect your energy. An unbiased ear can assist you in deciding what is ultimately right for you.

Jackie Bay